It seems like in today’s society, just about everyone is sporting some sort of facial hair!  Whether it’s a scruffy growth, a goatee, or something that would get you honorary Duck Dynasty family membership, beards are everywhere! Have you ever wondered what your facial hair says about you? If you look like a member of ZZ Top, are you really in need of a beard trim? Or, have you had too much and seek out the hot lather, straight razor shave? In any event…let’s consider what some experts say about facial hair…especially beards!

It’s often been said that a beard is a sign of manliness, but is that true? An infographic found on, shows that beards have been used for many things over the centuries, including warmth, intimidation, and protection during battle! Living in Idaho, I think it’s easy to see why a beard comes in handy during the winter! Hopefully we won’t have the need for protection in hand-to-hand combat anytime soon, but you never know! 

A 2013 article from Northwestern University pointed out that there may be an evolutionary connection between males and beards…”Lots of other animals grow facial hair, and one of the most well-known cases is the lion’s mane. Only male lions grow manes, and males without manes are treated very differently than males with manes – they’re attacked more often, have less success with females, among other negative consequences. This suggests that there are survival and reproductive benefits to facial hair.” I believe the author may hit a few nerves with this opinion, especially among those men that can’t seem to grow facial hair!

In any event, if you’re tired of caring for a beard that’s taken on it’s own identity, come on by and let us hook you up with a beard trim! Or, if it’s just time for a major change…a straight razor shave may be the answer!