What elements play into a great straight razor shave? What about a hot towel treatment to get the whiskers ready? That’s one part for sure! Warm lather to further soften the beard…that’s another key player! Finally, a new blade in the hands of an expert barber makes all the difference in the world! Now you’ve hit the trifecta! How does each piece of the puzzle make up the perfect shave? Let’s dig a little deeper!

The Hot Towel Treatment!

The hot towel sets the stage for everything that comes afterward. Without the softening effect that the hot towel provides, your straight razor shave will not be nearly as comfortable, close, or relaxing. Most barbers offer some sort of essential oil or other relaxing scent to help you further enjoy the entire experience. The hot towel should be applied immediately out of the warmer to make sure you get the maximum impact! Now that your facial hair is ready, let’s apply some warm lather! Here’s an article on how you can have your own hot towel treatment at home!

Warm Lather!

The rich, warm lather continues to soften the whiskers while also conditioning your skin, preparing it for the blade that will soon remove those unwanted facial hairs! Don’t use ordinary soap for the process as it will dry out your skin and nobody wants that! In our shop, we use the Lather King to produce the hot, creamy foam that takes care of your skin and your whiskers. Now, it looks like all we need is a skilled barber with a fresh new blade!

Skilled Barber!

A skilled barber will help turn a routine into a ritual, according to He Spoke Style. The barber should listen closely to your concerns and help put you at ease, especially if this is your first ever straight razor shave! It can be a little scary if you haven’t experienced this first-hand with a skilled barber.  An experienced barber will know when the whiskers still need more prep time…some people will need more hot towels than others…some may need a pre-shave oil to help get the whiskers ready. Whatever the case may be, depend on an experienced barber and you’ll certainly enjoy your time in the chair!