We believe a great haircut can change your outlook on life. Is that a feeling that you share? We believe it can take a bad day and make it better or take a good day and make it great! There are great psychological effects associated with a new haircut or hair style. We’re not alone in that feeling. Many articles throughout the world have come up with the same findings. It seems to be consistent between genders as well…men and women feel better when their hair looks amazing.

Tresemme conducted a study a few years back that said 23 per cent of women didn’t want to leave their homes on a bad hair day. That’s almost 1 in 4 women that would rather miss work, events with family and friends, just because their hair didn’t look as good as it could!

Men are no longer afraid to “care” about their hair! According to an article on CNN.com, Rose Ricciardelli, assistant professor of sociology at Memorial University in Newfoundland said, “It’s increasingly acceptable to have [hair] concerns and to discuss those concerns … it’s not emasculating anymore.” Simply put…. great hair makes everyone feel a little better about themselves!  Are you doing everything you can to make sure your hair keeps you at the top of your game?

We wrote an early blog post about what your facial hair represents. The question now should be “what does your hair say about you?” That’s including your facial hair and the hair on your dome! Do you prefer something short and easier to manage? Or are you one of those folks that likes it long and unruly? While consistency is important in some things, it’s not always the right answer. Sometimes it takes a dramatic change to feel better!  Regardless of your preference, keep putting your best foot forward and consider a new haircut whenever you feel a little down. It may make a significant psychological difference in your outlook!