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3 Men’s Haircut Trends for 2020

New year, new you! Isn’t that what everyone says? There’s no better time than the beginning of 2020 to change up your hair style! The trends from 2019 are still holding strong even into 2020, they’re bold and perfect for any occasion.

save time...schedule your next haircut or shave

Save Time…Make an Appointment for Your Next Haircut or Shave

Wasting time just stinks! Most people would agree to that. Next time you’re ready to get a haircut or shave from your favorite barber, try scheduling an appointment ahead of time. Most every barber in town will be more than happy to set you up with a time for your next service. Why schedule an appointment? Other than saving time, there are a couple of other reasons to book ahead of time.

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Head Shape: What’s It Mean to You?

Have you ever looked at someones haircut and notice something just didn’t seem right? You’re not the only one! Head shape makes a big difference in how one haircut may look great on one person and horrific on another. This is something your barber or stylist should take into account when it comes to finding a new style for you.

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Facial Hair Trends – What’s Hot in 2017?

Since the dawn of time there has always been facial hair trends…believe it or not. This trend was not created by social media but by kings and queens. “Like many other social customs, the history of beards and beard growth has been fascinatingly diverse, enjoying periods of widespread popularity and other times of relative disfavor. The popularity of growing facial hair in ancient times was much more attributable to its practicality than to any sense of fashion.” said BaldingBeards.com


Why professional haircuts are not only for women, but for men too!

I hear it all the time..”I don’t need to pay to get my haircut, I have a pair of clippers at home, I can do it myself.” For so many years there has been a stigma behind men’s grooming and how they go about it. We have recently stepped into a world where men going to a salon or barber shop is not only accepted but encouraged. So how often should you get your haircut? Well, according to About Style “As a general rule, the length of your hair is the primary factor which will determine how often you’ll need to get a haircut to maintain your style.  The shorter the haircut, the more frequently you’ll need to head to your barber or stylist. Hair generally grows at the rate of half an inch per month (give or take a little depending on the guy).”

The Psychological Effects of a Great Haircut!

We believe a great haircut can change your outlook on life. Is that a feeling that you share? We believe it can take a bad day and make it better or take a good day and make it great! There are great psychological effects associated with a new haircut or hair style. We’re not alone in that feeling. Many articles throughout the world have come up with the same findings. It seems to be consistent between genders as well…men and women feel better when their hair looks amazing.

What Does Your Facial Hair Say About You?

Facial hair can be a real source of pride for many men. They take care of it, they nurture it, and they look at it in mirrors or any reflective surface as they pass by! But, what does your facial hair say about you? Does it make a statement that you can be proud of? Does it make people wonder if it looks that way on purpose? In any event, here’s your unofficial guide to what your facial hair is telling those around you!

Conditioner Shouldn’t Be an Option!

Overheard recently, “I don’t need conditioner…I’ve got short hair” or, “I’m a guy…guys don’t use conditioner”. These comments are heard day in and day out in barber shops and salons all across the country. Oh how wrong you are! Conditioner is important to anyone with hair and a scalp! Which is most of us! Here are a couple of things to think about the next time offers to sell you a quality conditioner.

The Best Straight Razor Shave in Boise

What elements play into a great straight razor shave? What about a hot towel treatment to get the whiskers ready? That’s one part for sure! Warm lather to further soften the beard…that’s another key player! Finally, a new blade in the hands of an expert barber makes all the difference in the world! Now you’ve hit the trifecta! How does each piece of the puzzle make up the perfect shave? Let’s dig a little deeper!

What Does Your Beard Represent?

It seems like in today’s society, just about everyone is sporting some sort of facial hair!  Whether it’s a scruffy growth, a goatee, or something that would get you honorary Duck Dynasty family membership, beards are everywhere! Have you ever wondered what your facial hair says about you? If you look like a member of ZZ Top, are you really in need of a beard trim? Or, have you had too much and seek out the hot lather, straight razor shave? In any event…let’s consider what some experts say about facial hair…especially beards!